Welcome Message

IBSG is a collaboration of creativity, innovation, and unique technology, combined with our dedicated design, architecture and management team, to offer it's professional products and services.

With the slogan "Build your values, Inspire your dreams, Enrich your life", IBSG has created a professional team, in which intelligence, creativity, activeness, experience and enthusiasm from each member are encouraged. We are highly interested in your opinion throughout the course of a project, in order to create exactly your requirements and are more than capable to solve your problems. IBSG are here to work how to meet your satisfaction.

Fruitfully, IBSG has experienced steady growth, and with it, provided higher tax and social welfare responsibilities.

Since its foundation IBSG has obtained the leading position to provide products and services in the fields of real estate, construction, architecture, and designs, and supply of construction materials and interior furniture, locally and globally.

IBSG strives more than ever to further realize its full potential in all aspects to make IBSG a brand of TRUST.