Natural Stone Showroom

Showroom Showroom

IBSG and partner throughout the operational activities of Azul Macaubas is concentrated in a showroom: designed as a small casket where to install some of the countless stones treated by us, is located along the Grand Canal in one of the most scenic areas of Milan.

Over 400 square feet of open space spread over three levels with two large windows looking out respectively on the input side and the garden. Unexpectedly, catching all eyes in a pool with Jacuzzi Azul Macaubas.

Precious marbles are also floors, bathrooms, lamps and desk: an environment shaped by forms and materials of the highest value where you can touch and contemplate the beauty and the many applications of our stones.

Cast a natural place to host events, parties, meetings and private view of prestige: for this reason we decided to dedicate part of our activities' at the rental location opened its doors to any external requests.