Our Materials

We are lucky and the ability to dig a series of quartz are among the most popular on the market: the most famous is certainly the Azul Macaubas but the other part of our production have nothing to envy the best stones on the market in terms of features and possible applications.

Azul Macaubas:

With the Azul Brazilian Macaubas Mother Nature has really done something special: a QUARZITE wonderful, unique in the world, which provides an infinite variety of blues, from deep to lighter tones and gentle touch that white. Unique features such as special light emanating and extreme hardness, this stone makes it the ideal material to achieve not only floors, walls, mosaics, columns and pools, but also jewellry and decorative items.


Aurora also in terms of personality is a serious stone. Shades ranging from blue to dark blue on a dark gray background, marked by streaks speaking with obvious plots, sometimes geometric, sometimes softly drawn. Its success derives from its being the earth and sky at the same time, a union that is arousing much interest. Geological features of this wonderful stone are identical to our other quartzites and as such make a stone used for any environment and an infinite variety of jobs and posatura.

Aurora Dark:

Is the latest discovery of the “HOME MADE” like Aurora but unlike the latter, there is no trace of blue tones. On the other hand has a light purple background and streaks of dark gray, warm and elegant irregular.

Sky Brown:

When the stone expresses its personality: tonaltà earth tones blended with shades of midnight blue. A quartzite who deeply loves or hates, there is no middle ground and we had a test since we put on the market. They have to be "subdued" in environments where the natural tones which swarms: references to land and sky that can enhance and make a frame to this stone very interesting.

Sky Gold:

A new front of our cave has unearthed this material that we believe will have much reflected particularly in Europe. This is a neutral background quartz veins and gold-copper rather mellow, and certainly less obvious than in our other stones. Sober and elegant yet full of personality, the Sky Gold has all the aesthetic features to suit every type of context and setting. Installations hitherto carried out are giving us much satisfaction.

Sky Pearl:

From the same area of Azul Macaubas, the Sky Pearl initially amazed by its grains, with shades ranging from blue and gold. The market success of this stone was discovered recently, is continuing to rise thanks to this combination of colors and trend of veins that make it particularly suitable for coatings of medium and large companies that allow you to admire the scenic splendor. The physical characteristics are almost identical Azul Macaubas so it is usable for any type of installation and workmanship.