Nature's Gift
Philosophy: Marble - Nature's Gift

Nature is a creator of the most beautiful things and marble is just one of them. Marble, a fantastic stone which from the beginning of civilization has fascinated mankind. Creativity is an integrated part of nature in the same way as man-made creation: art, design, architecture, photography and communication.

Our ideology is based on the desire to create a “meeting place”, wherein the basic materials assist and inspire the creativity. The simple beauty of the basic marble is the starting-point for the project and idealization. IBSG presents to it's clients the finest in marble and natural stone, and coupled with the finest designers and craftsmen, we have created a uniquely beautiful range of products.

The production of nature 's stone to be considered as Italian traditional of the centuries.

Marble "crossroads" lands to worldwide

We are partnered with the worlds truly unique owners and producers of Azul Macaubas, a type of stone that certainly does not need any introductions. Its characteristics, in terms of colour and morphology, have rendered it one of the most famous and precious quartzite of the world.

To support this success we have undertaken a project which we really value: An ambience entirely dedicated to stones from all over the world: marble, quartzite, granites, travertine, onyxes...

With IBSG you can simply choose your perfect material, leaving the planning, transportation, and delivery to us. We are a single contact who will arrange all the necessary operations to complete the transaction. IBSG operates a worldwide supply chain. We collaborate with local partners to distribute our products and services throughout the localised areas of your territory in: Europe, America, Australia, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

With IBSG you will have preferential access to the quarries in order to select the best materials at the best price available, choosing from all types of processing, where to transport and to install with experience and maximum professionalism. IBSG can be your sole reference for any type of work, from the simplest installation to the most complex and demanding project. We arrange everything in the work process to ensure quality and timing.

Nature's Stones - the evidence, creativity, personalized products and design objects:

Marble, as already mentioned, is certainly a most beautiful stone which doesn't need an introduction. We are honoured to introduce to our clients the marble which has been excavated from the finest mining facilities.

There are several finishing techniques for marble before it's final presentation. Marble is available in many different definitions and dimensions, such as: Undefined; Plates; Floor; Up stand; Back; Step Ladder ...etc.

IBSG are able to consider personalization of size and dimension, or any specialized request in order to fulfill your needs.

A wide range of colours and styles exist to complement your designs:

  • Azul Macaubas
  • Sky Gold
  • Aurora
  • Sky Pearl
  • Sky Brown
  • Calacatta
  • Paonazzo
  • Paonazzetto
  • Bianco Cavarra
  • Grecale Brown Vein Cut
  • Statuario
  • Breccia di Capraia
  • Grecale Brown Cross Cut
  • Vein Gold
  • Lemurian Blue
  • Super White
  • White Onyx