Lights and Lighting

IBSG and it's partners has experience in providing Furniture and Furnishings for the following areas:

  • Commercial lighting projects
  • Lighting accessories
  • Lighting bulbs and tubes
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Other Lighting Products
  • Chandeliers & Other Electric Ceiling or Wall Lighting Fittings
  • Electric Table, Desk, Bedside or Floor-standing Lamps
  • Christmas Tree Lights
  • Other Electric Lamps and Lighting Fittings
  • Non-electrical Lamps and Lighting Fittings
  • Illuminated Signs, Illuminated Name Plates and the like
  • Parts of Glass, Lamps, Lighting Fittings & Illuminated Signs
  • Parts of Plastics, Lamps. Lighting Fittings & Illuminated Signs
  • Other Parts of Lamps, Lighting Fittings & Illuminated Signs