We are an expert company with professionalism and an architect team which has many years experiences as construction project's main contractor, sub-contractor, construction project owner or co-projector. Our architect team is “know-how” giving solutions, applying high technologies and co-ordinated between the “Italian stylish traditional” and the unique, personalized designs and decorations (modern and antique) for construction projects in Italy and abroad.

We collaborate with local constructors in each nation to solve out your needs and offer you the best design, best quality and save cost for your construction projects.

Marco Lucchi

Marco Lucchi Location: Milan, Italy
Style: Buildings, Interiors

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From the first sketch to the final product, IBSG strikes a perfect balance between creativity and construction. IBSG is able to do this thanks to Marco Lucchi, the Director of Architecture and Design and Professor of Design at Poli Design in Milano, Italy. Lucchi has 15 years of experience and has designed and built over 200 projects all over the world. His architecture is known for celebrating the Italian tradition of classical and contemporary design excellence. He and his team of exceptional craftsmen will create beautiful and functional spaces that will leave a lasting impression on you and your clients.